A Busy Week

It has been another very busy week for me at GEM HQ. We passed the £100,000 mark yesterday and the total hasn’t shown any signs of slowing down. This morning’s total sits at £122,400 and the post hasn’t even arrived yet.

 I’m pleased to say that we can now accept BACs payments. If you would like the necessary details for this facility please let me know.

 Apologies to the lady who contacted me yesterday who I told there is still time to ponder. I think that pondering time may be over for those who wish to take advantage of the SEIS tax breaks. At the current rate £150,000 will be reached by the middle of next week.

 The 30% EIS tax break carries no restrictions so although this isn’t quite as good as the SEIS break, all is certainly not lost.

 To all of you who have taken the plunge, “Thank you very much”. Now the bank account has been set up, once I receive the paying in book, I will start to cash the cheques that you have sent in.

 Thanks again to all who have invested

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