Target Exceeded

 I am proud to announce that the initial £330,000 investment target has been reached, and in true Chris Tarrant style I’m please to say “but we don’t want to give you just that”, I can report that we have sailed past that target and are currently sat at £380,500. One of the foibles of living… Continue reading Target Exceeded

Press Coverage

There is a good article about Garmony Hydro in today’s edition of Scottish Energy News.  Not only are we are closing in on our target, but also the closing date for shares. Please, please if you are thinking about supporting this great community scheme and investing (not donating) in Green Energy Mull and the Garmony… Continue reading Press Coverage

SEIS Allocation Fulfilled

Today we passed the £150,000 mark which is great news. With this comes the news that the SEIS allocation is full and that all new investment from now on will qualify for EIS. The EIS is a good scheme and makes Green Energy Mull and Garmony Hydro well worth investing in.  To comply with the… Continue reading SEIS Allocation Fulfilled

Press Coverage

The Hydro scheme will hopefully receive a boost following a press article by Lesley Riddoch that appeared in The Scotsman today. The article certainly raised a stir on both Twitter (@Garmony_Hydro) and on Facebook (Garmony Hydro) with it being shared and re-tweeted many times. I’ve already received a number of emails from people wanting to… Continue reading Press Coverage

SEIS almost gone

I don’t think that anyone could argue that the recent weeks have been extremely good for a hydro scheme. Anyone who has visited the site recently has commented on just how much water is coming down the burn at Garmony. The total has risen to £141,250 as of this morning. This is good, but it… Continue reading SEIS almost gone

A Busy Week

It has been another very busy week for me at GEM HQ. We passed the £100,000 mark yesterday and the total hasn’t shown any signs of slowing down. This morning’s total sits at £122,400 and the post hasn’t even arrived yet.  I’m pleased to say that we can now accept BACs payments. If you would… Continue reading A Busy Week

First Milestone Met

The £100,000 milestone has been achieved! This is great news as we’ve only been going for less than 3 weeks. A huge thank you to all our investors. The SEIS tax break qualification runs out at £150,000 and at our current progress we will hopefully hit that total in about 10 days time. On a… Continue reading First Milestone Met

We’re on our way!

Following on from this week’s official launch I’m very pleased to report that the total amount of money invested in Green Energy Mull now sits at an impressive £79,850 – Not bad for 2 weeks. This is an average of over £5,000 being received every day. Thank you to all who have invested so far.… Continue reading We’re on our way!