Construction nearing completion!

This week saw delivery of the turbine, generator and control panels and despite numerous ferry cancellations, gales, snow and hail showers these have all been offloaded and installed into the Turbine house. The 400kW Tinck Turbine has had a long journey from Slovenia and has been integrated with it’s control panel by Kestral Controls in Glasgow from Glasgow. The grid connection work is well underway by Integrated Utility Services and SSE so we are now hopeful of commissioning the system by the end of March and securing our G90 certificate from SSE early in April to allow us to start export of electricity to the Grid.

There has been recent interest in share sales as we approach the completion of the construction work and the current total is £481,150, an amazing result given our initial minimum requirement for £330,000. We have now set a deadline for share sales of Monday 16 March 2015 so if you are still thinking about it please move quickly and submit your application.

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  1. Wind, hydro, and solar power are the future energy sources for people around the world. It’s great to see Scotland and the rest of the UK continue to embrace renewable energy.

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