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Technical Information

The proposed scheme will be run-of-river and will be designed with an approximate installed capacity of 360-400kW. It will feature the following infrastructure:

        • A primary intake structure on the Allt Achadh na Moine.
        • A minor diversion intake structure on the tributary, Allt Beinn nam Meann
        • A powerhouse containing the turbine, generator and associated equipment.
        • A buried pipeline, and associated culverting of un-named tributary, connecting the intakes to the powerhouse.
        • A pipe bridge across the Allt Achadh na Moine.
        • An open tailrace channel or buried pipeline and screened discharge structure.
        • Access tracks to the powerhouse and along the pipeline to the intake locations
        • Overhead or buried power line linking the powerhouse to the local electricity distribution network

The scheme is located on the Allt Achadh na Moine burn and is a run of river system not requiring a dam. Instead there would be a small weir which would feed water into a buried pipeline which descends alongside the burn, crossing over a pipe bridge once for a length of 850m and descending approximately 120m to the turbine house located adjacent to an existing forest track.

The maximum power output is planned to be 400KW with the primary turbine rated at 320KW subject to variation in proportion to flow of water down the burn. Power produced by the turbine will be sold to the National Grid via a new line connecting onto the existing power lines some 1.2Km from the turbine house.

Geography of the site

The site is approximately 5km northwest of Craignure and 24km southeast of Tobermory. The Allt Achadh na Moine burn is an upland oligotrophic watercourse, with its source in the hills to the South of Garmony. Draining the Coire Clachach on the northern flank of Beinn Thunacaraidh, it quickly descends in a series of cascades and waterfalls before entering a large area of Sitka Spruce plantation. The burn continues to descend a number of other cascades and small water falls before entering a large area of recent deforestation, where it levels out before entering the sea at Garmony Point.

The grid reference of the main weir is NM66893887. The grid reference of the pipe bridge is NM67013912. The grid reference of the turbine house is NM672396.

The total catchment area upstream of the intakes is approximately 2.8km², and upstream of the powerhouse is approximately 3.8km²


  1. Hello,

    I was wondering if you were able to give me details about the average power output from the turbine. Or at least, details about the location in terms of average flow rate and head height etc.

    Thanks Regards Mark

    1. Hi Mark
      Sorry for the delay in responding. The max power output is 398Kw but as the turbine is installed on a Spate Burn i.e. there’s no resevoir at the top of the hill, therefore when the water flow reduces due to no rain, the turbine will stop. The location of the hydro is Garmony on the isle of Mull. I hope this helps but if you need more details please check the web site and call or email me directly. Regards Richard Thorne

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