By buying shares you have a chance to act locally to offset your carbon emissions and help promote renewable energy.

You will be able to buy shares in this exciting project for as little as £50(up to a maximum of £20,000). Whilst interest will be payable (once the project is established) investing in the Garmony Hydro project should be seen more as a social investment, and less a financial investment.

Subject to the rules of the share issue and also at the discretion of the Board of Directors of GEM, you may not be able to withdraw your money in the first few years.



  1. Hi

    Just wondering if shares are still available before I look into all the tax relief terms etc.



    1. Hi David
      Thanks for your comment. Yes, shares are still available. For info the scheme doers qualify for EIS tax relief. Please download the prospectus for more information.
      Best regards
      Richard Thorne

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