Donations and loans are also welcome.


For those wishing to support this scheme by giving a donation, Mull and Iona Community Trust will collect donations which can be for any amount and if the Gift Aid box is ticked then Mull and Iona Community Trust, a registered charity, can reclaim the income tax.

GEM-Form-Donation and Gift Aid – This is the form to use for Donations – (Not available yet)

As with payments for Green Energy Mull shares, any donations will be held in a separate bank account until the project is ready to proceed.

We are also looking to fund the project via interest-free loans and would like to avoid having to resort to commercial lending.

Interest-free loans

If you have the capital available you might like to consider an interest-free loan. This will help minimise the interest that needs to be paid and so make more money available for community projects. If you are considering a loan please contact Richard Thorne (, 01680 812906).


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