The Mull and Iona Community Trust (MICT) is an independent charitable trust which raises funds and grants from external bodies and promotes charitable giving in order to enhance the experience of living on our islands. Our Mission is “to improve the quality of life of Mull and Iona.

Membership of the trust is open to every resident on the islands of Mull and Iona. Members are welcome to attend our board meetings. Our values are to be “Open, Democratic, Accountable and Enterprising.”

Working closely with other organisations we strive to make a positive contribution to community developments and with social enterprise projects to become less reliant on grant income. Our Vision is to be “Influential, respected and sustainable

We strive to work in partnership with other community groups, local government, national government and non-governmental organisations to maximise the benefits for all our residents and visitors alike. Our Strategy is “working together to unlock the potential of our islands

Who We Are

The Mull and Iona Community Trust was established following a research & community consultation process led by the Corrom Trust in 1996-97. In its final report the local steering group had identified the need for a community-owned development agency which had a clear remit to formulate strategies and provide practical support to local projects aimed at improving the social amenities, and physical and economic infrastructure of the islands:

The Company was registered and granted charitable status in 1997 and the first staff employed in April 1998, once all funding was secured. Given its foundations, steeped in community consultation, our charity values its independence and works to promote the interests of the islands at all levels.


The Management Committee is currently a Board of 10 Volunteer Directors, elected from and by the members at the Annual General Meeting in November each year. One third must step down annually but may be reappointed. Two Directorships are also available for representatives from each Community Council. All of the Directors are active in other voluntary organisations on the island, and are drawn from a wide variety of backgrounds – retailing, tourism accommodation, farming, retired, commerce – and are also representative geographically.

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