Project Aims

 The object of the Garmony Hydro is to produce a sustainable form of electricity that can be sold into the national grid. The surpluses will then be made available as grants for good causes within the islands of Mull and Iona.

Once this scheme is operational, it will be possible to fund community projects that will help to stabilise what is currently a fragile island economy. Once the finance has been repaid, and the surpluses available are significantly larger, it will be possible to tackle larger projects that will really make a difference to life on the islands.

As was proved by the postal ballot, the people of Mull and Iona are keen to become less reliant on fossil fuels, and to have at least one electricity generating scheme on the island. It is hoped that once this scheme is operational, some of the surpluses can be used to finance further renewable energy schemes. In addition it is hoped that the experience gained in building and operating a hydro scheme can be passed to other communities, and used by schools to promote engineering and business on the islands.


  1. Good afternoon,
    I am currently working on a project about a Wind turbine, 2to 5 MW on the Island of Mull( for university ) ,
    By reading the’ Mull and Iona Community trust – Garmony hydroProject business plan ‘ by Moray Finch and Richard Throne, May 2012$FILE/MICTBusinessPlan.pdf
    I was wondering why the initially project of wind turbine have been cancelled? What are the ‘ complexities of a possible site ‘?( page 4 )
    Thanks very much to answer my question

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