We’re on our way!

Following on from this week’s official launch I’m very pleased to report that the total amount of money invested in Green Energy Mull now sits at an impressive £79,850 – Not bad for 2 weeks. This is an average of over £5,000 being received every day. Thank you to all who have invested so far.

£75,000 marks half way to the full amount that can be raised for  SEIS qualification. As it took less than 2 weeks to reach this point, now would be a very good time to send us your investment if you do not want to risk missing out.



  1. FAO: Richard Thorne

    Richard, I have invited you on LinkedIn.

    I note you have a share issue for the equity part of your project; for project finance debt have you considered Mini-Bonds instead of banking debt?

    Kind regards
    Paul Camp
    Business Development & Finance

    1. Hi Paul

      I’ll contact you directly on this. We did consider bonds, but in the end decided against it. We are happy to receive interest free loans though.
      Thanks for your email

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